State of the Art ESD Analysis on the Device and Circuit level

DECIMM GUIDECIMM™ (Device-Circuit Mixed-Mode) is a unique tool created specifically to fill the void left by traditional circuit simulation and TCAD tools and provide designers with a tool capable of predictive simulation of all ESD-related physical effects at both the device and circuit levels. Traditional circuit simulation of ESD effects using compact models lacks the flexibility and accuracy provided by FEM (Finite Element) level device simulation, while standard FEM based device simulators cannot be used to simulate circuits with any degree of efficiency. DECIMM™ is created specifically to satisfy the need for efficient circuit simulation with the level of physical accuracy required for ESD design and achievable only with FEM device models.


DECIMM™ provides a complete self-contained toolkit which integrates a powerful data management framework, interactive device editing and accurate simulation as well as full-featured, mixed-mode circuit simulation with schematic capture and powerful visualization tools. Electrical analysis of ESD events is performed by a mixed-mode circuit-device simulator for accurate prediction of circuit performance. DECIMM™ features cutting-edge numerical algorithms providing superior speed and accuracy. An interface to process simulators is provided which includes various tools for the device structure manipulation and parameterization.


  • Advantages of circuit and device simulators in one integrated tool featuring full parameterization
  • Highly accurate, state of the art Finite Element (FEM) device models
  • Semiconductor devices analysis in stand-alone mode and as a part of a larger circuit
  • Support of popular compact MOSFET models such as BSIM4 and BSIM3 as well as standard SPICE BJT and diode models
  • Interface to process simulators via standard file format such as tif
  • A powerful, self-contained integrated framework for design and optimization of semiconductor devices and circuits


Analysis begins after entering the design’s circuit and specifying FEM models for all critical devices and compact models for other circuit elements by using DECIMM™’s intuitive and flexible GUI. Models for individual devices and the entire circuit are parameterized, allowing for efficient evaluation and comparison of different circuit and device design options to achieve target design performance. DECIMM™ makes detailed analysis easy with multiple parameter variation. Cutting-edge numerical algorithms supporting the latest multi-core processor architectures provide unmatched simulation speed.