2012.5.28 Silicon Frontline Adds New Capabilities

May 28, 2012Silicon Frontline Technology, Inc. has announced new versions of its flagship products: F3D (Fast 3D) for fast 3D extraction and R3D (Resistive 3D) for 3D extraction and analysis of large resistive structures, and a new product, P2P (Pont-to-Point) for IR drop analysis.
New capabilities

Increased speed and capacity for F3D – To address the growing complexity of today’s nanometer designs, F3D is now faster and handles larger designs. A new segment mode provides better performance improvement as circuit size increases. F3D has improved handling of active and passive devices in addition to support of co-planar structures. These capabilities provide support for newer and more complex geometries.

Layer-by-layer comparisons, transient-gate analysis for R3D – The new version of R3D allows for easy comparison of design enhancements both graphically and with a new layer-by-layer resistance report. If design changes are made, the analysis includes the impact on RDson and current density. A new option supports transient analysis of gate networks, which allows for switching optimization. As power devices become larger, managing gate switching is critical to ensure correct operation. R3D Gate extracts and analyzes the gate network providing graphical and textual results. Issues are quickly identified and resolved ensuring proper operation of the device is achieved.

Point-to-Point resistance analysis — Silicon Frontline is delivering its new P2P product for point-to-point or multi-point-to-multi-point resistance analysis and fast, static IR drop analysis.

Silicon Frontline will be giving product demonstrations during the Design Automation Conference (DAC), June 4-6, in Booth #2900 of the Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, Calif.


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