Transient Analysis of Power Devices

R3D-DDMToday’s power device designs require designers to optimize both static and dynamic losses. Reliability issues, such as current crowding, shoot-through currents and managing dead-time require dynamic analysis to be properly addressed. Traditional approaches are unable to deliver, accurate, meaningful results due to the complex metal structures.

R3D-DDM provides accurate, distributed models for power devices enabling a much more accurate simulation of device and the surrounding circuitry.

By supporting the industry standard simulators, Silicon Frontline’s R3D-DDM, provides designers a methodology to optimize power device circuits using physically accurate models.

  • Provides model for fast transient simulation
  • Highlights non-uniform switching in device fingers
  • Minimizes dead time and shoot-through current
  • Simulates signal propagation delay in gate nets
  • Pinpoints current crowding and peak currents