Power Device Analysis

R3D – Resistive 3D Extraction and Analysis
R3D is a resistive 3D extraction and analysis product for large resistive structures like power devices.  Efficiency and reliability are key design criteria and R3D provides a solution to calculate and optimize both. Learn More »

R3D Gate
R3D Gate is a parasitic extraction and analysis product for the gate network of power devices. Efficiency and reliability are key design criteria and R3D Gate provides a solution to analyze and optimize the transient impact of the gate network on both. Learn More »

Ethan – Full chip electro-thermal simulation of power devices Learn More »

SOC Designs

P2P – Point-to-point IR drop analysis
P2P provides fast, easy to use, full chip IR Drop, EM analysis, Point to Point Resistance analysis and Resistance Mapping. Problems are quickly highlighted in the graphical viewer, allowing fixes to be easily identified. Multiple modes of operation provide the user the necessary data to understand and correct problems:

  • Resistance Mapping is the only tool available to show fully distributed resistance across the powernet – highlighting where problems originate
  • Quickly understand the main contributors in Point to Point resistance problems
  • Do fast What – if Analysis of IR Drop scenarios

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ESRA – ESRA provides full chip ESD analysis for Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM), and Charged Device Model (CDM) events. ESRA verifies that ESD design guidelines are met, highlights weak areas of designs, reports current density violations and high resistance paths. A graphical environment provides for debugging the violating paths.
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F3D – Fast 3D Extraction
F3D is a 3D capacitance and distributed RC extractor based on stochastic random walk method. F3D calculates capacitances from first principles using the original layout configuration, including all 3D and advanced manufacturing effects associated with 65nm, 45nm processes, and beyond. Learn More » »