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Silicon Frontline Technology’s Software Qualifies for TSMC’s Unified Interconnect Modeling Format iRCX for 40 and 65nm Processes



Los Gatos, CA – July 9, 2009 – Silicon Frontline Technology, Inc. (SFT) announced today that its 3D extraction software for post-layout verification, F3D (Fast 3D), has been qualified by TSMC for its 40 nanometer (nm) and 65nm processes as the tool supports TSMC’s new iRCX format to improve parasitic extraction and modeling accuracy, and ensures EDA tool interoperability for high performance chip designs.


Silicon Frontline post-layout verification software produces accuracy and high performance by using rigorous 3D technology to extract parasitics. Users have the option to specify the level of accuracy desired, net by net, at the block level or with regular expressions. With this technology, Silicon Frontline is ensuring the resulting parasitics are correct within the user-specified accuracy.


 “We are pleased to have the world’s leading foundry, TSMC, qualify our 3D extraction software for post-layout verification of designs targeting its 40 and 65nm processes,” said Yuri Feinberg, CEO. “With our software, TSMC’s customers can achieve required accuracy with full chip capacity and performance.”


 “Through the TSMC Open Innovation PlatformTM, TSMC collaborates with multiple EDA suppliers to create and qualify design tools for designs targeting our advanced semiconductor processes,” added Tom Quan, deputy director, Design Service Marketing at TSMC. “Silicon Frontline’s 3D extraction software is one of the first EDA tools that passes our iRCX Qualification Program, and is now ready to be used by our customers.”


Silicon Frontline announced the company and its first EDA software products in May. TSMC announced its iRCX format on May 27, 2009.


About TSMC’s iRCX Format

iRCX is an open and interoperable EDA data format that supports TSMC’s 65nm and 40nm technology files. The unified iRCX format ensures the accuracy of resistance/capacitance (RC) extractors, electromigration (EM) tools, power integrity analysis tools and electromagnetic simulators. It is the first of several interoperable EDA interface formats co-developed between TSMC and its design tool partners as part of the TSMC Open Innovation Platform.


About Silicon Frontline

Silicon Frontline Technology, Inc. provides post-layout verification software that is Guaranteed Accurate and works with existing design flows from major EDA vendors. Using new 3D technology, the company’s software products improve silicon quality for standard and advanced nanometer processes. For more information please visit


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