R3D Gate

R3D GateFrequency-domain characterization of gate network is a parasitic extraction and analysis product for the gate network of power devices. Efficiency and reliability are key design criteria and R3D Gate provides a solution to analyze and optimize the transient impact of the gate network on both.

R3D Gate creates a distributed model of power transistors with a focus on distributed gate effects. The model is available for simulation in standard spice tools or run internally in R3D Gate.

By using R3D Gate, analysis is not only extremely fast, but results of switching times, gate delay and resistance are displayed on the actual layout. This provides for fast identification and correction of problem networks, resulting in a faster time to layout sign-off and higher reliability.

Typical switching problems:

  • Device burnout due to shoot-through current
  • Power losses also due to shoot-through current
  • Non-uniform current flow due to slow switching speeds
  • Localized heating due to slow switching speeds

are identified by R3D gate and the cause highlighted.