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    May 3-7, 2015

    International ESD Workshop
    Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

    Silicon Frontline Technology (SFT) presents a paper co-authored with Intersil entitled RMAP – software for resistance verification of power nets and ESD protection structures. The paper introduces a new methodology and a software tool for quick and easy verification and debugging of electrical networks, in particular power and ground nets.

    May 10-14, 2015

    ISPSD Conference
    Hong Kong

    SFT exhibits its software tools for power semiconductor devices and PMICs (power management integrated circuits). SFT is the leading provider of tools for power semiconductors; R3D, R3DGATE, Ethan, P2P/RMAP, and F3D are used for analysis and optimization of resistive, capacitive, electrothermal, and switching effects and characteristics of power devices, ICs, and ESD and power networks.

    June 7-11, 2015

    Design Automation Conference
    San Francisco, CA, USA

    SFT presents its latest enhancements to speed up layout verification and discusses how leading semiconductor vendors are applying the technology.

    September 27 – October 2, 2015

    ESD Symposium
    Reno, NV, USA

    SFT presents a paper co-authored with Freescale and  Intersil. This paper introduces new application areas such as guard ring and ESD device interconnects electrical verification, illustrates more examples, and shows how IR drop / EM simulations with P2P complement and enhance RMAP functionality. Also, Silicon Frontline Technology will showcase at ESD Symposium its software tools intended for electrical verification and optimization of ESD protections networks and devices.